Best Restaurants on Koh Samui

Being on the island of Koh Samui has been a dream! I feel so blessed and grateful to call this place our temporary home. It’s been rewarding to live a life so differently than what I was used to before and to explore a new area to make it feel like home.

I’ve been living on Koh Samui for seven months now, which isn’t a long time to explore all the depths of the island, but I’m here to share some of my favorite places to get various types of food at. Be on the lookout for my future blog posts on my other favorite places on Koh Samui!

Thai / Chinese – iSky Corner

This little restaurant on the south corner of Had Lamai Rd, the street closest to Lamai Beach, is my favorite place to get Thai food. Their menu is pretty large, offering American bites as well, but what you really want to look at is their “Signature Chinese – Thai Style Cuisine” menu. My favorite things on this menu are the Phad Kra Pao Crispy Pork and Duck. The flavors, spiciness, and tenderness of the meats are delicious and unforgettable. My second favorite item, which can be found on the regular menu, is the Pad Thai. I’ve tasted a lot of Pad Thai around the island at different locations, but this one tastes the best to me and follows the most traditional Pad Thai recipe. My last favorite meal to get from iSky Corner is the Pork Stir Fried with Garlic and Peppercorns. This meal isn’t super heavy on the garlic and the flavor profile hits the taste buds just right. My boyfriend decided to do a brunch one day (the pancakes and bananas), which he was absolutely in love with. The pancakes were very fluffy! The prices of these dishes cost between 90 to 120 baht each.

Chinese Ramen Noodles – Nanyuan

On the main road of 4169 in Lamai, across the street from Lotus, you will find an unmatched Chinese noodle shop that makes you feel like you’re in China. I found this place when I came to visit back in December and couldn’t wait to get back to have more! Both the noodle and the rice dishes are delightful. Before I realized that I liked duck, I was ordering the Crispy Pork Egg Noodle bowl. The soup in the bowl tastes heavenly and the noodles are cooked to the perfect softness to match the crispiness of the pork. Once I found out I enjoyed eating duck, I ordered the Steamed Rice with Roasted Duck. The duck pretty much melted in my mouth and was full of delicious flavor. My boyfriend really loves to order the Fried Pork Buns. Pretty much everything on this menu is less than 100 baht, which makes it very desirable!

Pizza – Risto Bar e pizzeria Rino

We’ve tried MANY pizza places around Lamai. Pizza is one of our go-to “we need a lot of calories and carbs” meals. Besides, who doesn’t like pizza? The pizza at Risto Bar e Pizzeria Rino is beyond comparison! This restaurant is owned by an Italian man and his Thai wife; they have a full Italian menu available, as well as a Thai menu. They also have a fridge full of homemade desserts that are to die for! My favorite thing to order is the pizza, which I’m usually pretty plain with pizza and order margarita or pepperoni. 

Fancy – Chi Samui

I’ve only been to this restaurant once, but it was recommended to me when I asked around about a good place to eat for my birthday dinner. Chi Samui did not disappoint! It is located on the north side of the island in Bo Phut. When you walk up to the restaurant, it’s very warm and inviting. There are tables placed generously all throughout the deck overlooking the ocean; however, the best seats in the house are on these very large bean bag chairs located directly on the sand in front of the water with a private cabana style fortress. The cabana style can feel more casual, because you are sitting in bean bag chairs, BUT it feels way more intimate for a private dining, beach front experience. I indulged in the bolognese (Like Mamma Makes) and my boyfriend had the Slow Cooked Pork Belly. Both dishes were absolutely delicious! This restaurant is on the pricier side – both of our dishes were between 450-600 baht each. However, this is a great restaurant to go to when you feel like treating yourself, for a special occasion, or for an intimate beachfront, candle lit dinner. 

Street Food – Lamai Fresh Market

Behind the PTT station and Cafe Amazon in Lamai, you’ll find the Lamai Fresh Market where locals are cooking and selling fresh fish, curries, spicy soup, and delicious desserts. There are a couple local vendors that I am obsessed with. The first is a gentleman who sells whole fried fish for 40 to 60 baht each; the first is always so large and tastes amazing – he will even heat it up for you on the grill. My second favorite is a woman who sells pork on sticks. The pork is so juicy, tender, and tastes heavenly and costs only 10 baht per stick! Both places also sell sticky rice for 10 baht. My boyfriend loves to try all of the soups and curries; for him, the spicier the better. Each curry or soup is usually 30 to 40 baht and comes with rice. This option for food is very cost effective, fills the stomach, is a quick grab, and tastes absolutely amazing. It also feels great to support the locals of Koh Samui.

Beachfront – Treehouse

This beachfront restaurant located in Mae Nam is a gem to find! It can be found down a long dirt road heading towards the beach. Please note – this long dirt road is loaded with large pot holes so be aware when driving or riding a motorbike down this road. All the way at the end of the long dirt road, there is a cute little hideaway entrance for the Treehouse restaurant. The vibe of the restaurant matches the name with the wooden chairs, the indoor and outdoor ambiance, and the large hanging hammock. The beachfront vibe was very relaxing and serene. My favorite entree was pumpkin curry. I don’t see pumpkin curry often when I’m at a Thai restaurant, so when I saw it on this menu I had to order it. The taste was delightful and unique and had just the right amount of spice. Another menu item that impressed me was the watermelon salad which was extremely refreshing and had a very delicious dressing that went along with it. I can’t find a menu online, but from what I remember the cost of the entrees were between 90-150 baht, which is very cost effective especially for a beachfront restaurant. 

French Bakery – La Fabrique

La Fabrique is a  fabulous French bakery in Lamai, located on the same corner as Wat Lamai. It has a very open, garage style vibe to the restaurant and is quite cozy to go to. I often notice a lot of people do a lot of computer work there, sort of like a cafe. They have fresh baked goods at the cash register, ranging from croissants, bagels, danishes, cinnamon buns, various cakes, and more sweet goods to indulge in! You can also get tasty coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, and fresh juices here. My favorite thing to go and order is breakfast, which is served all day. I usually go simple and order the Mae Nam – eggs, bacon, and a croissant (my daily morning routine breakfast); however, I’ve peeped some of the large omletes which also look mouth-watering! All of the portions are very generous here, including the salads, burgers and sandwiches. I would declare the price range in the middle of cheap and expensive. Most entrees are under 300 baht, but will be over 100 baht. You will find the coffee, smoothies, and other items like these to be less than 100 baht. Highly recommend this spot, it’s one of my favorites since day one!

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